"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

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Brandon Chandler


Camera was sitting on the ground because I had forgotten to take the strap with me. King squirrel!

Dennis Olano

Burlington, KY

All of a sudden had my camera sending photos. Was very surprised by this and thought the batteries were dead. Checked camera and found the camera was no longer set correctly on the post and antenna broken so just chalked up to the mount coming lose. Found out this buck picked a fight with my camera and won. Cost me a c-cap but cool anyway.

Jesse Stites


Got this cool pic on my predator bait pile in Upper Michigan. The ambush attack camera I'm using survived a black bear bite that split the camera open but is still going strong.

Roger Trostle

Westerville, OH

Was surprised to see my Cuddeback camera captured this hummingbird. Shows how effective your cameras are, and especially their shutter speeds abilities to photograph fast moving activity. Everyone I show this photo has been amazed and impressed. Thought you should use this to advertise your great cameras.

Gary Kraszewski

Green Bay, WI


Ryan Schemel

Oak Ridge, MO

Hunted this deer the entire Missouri alternative methods season. I had 1 photo of him July 22nd 2018 and he did not return till December 15th Thanks to Cuddeback I was aware he was back in the area and hunted hard for him. Finally seen him on the last day of season January 1st as I climbed up the ladder early for the evening sit he was with 4 other deer standing behind the tree down wind. I waited a few brief seconds and new I better do something or he would be turning around and gone so as he was there staring at me I made a shot and with that pull of the trigger came some sleepless nights.After tracking through the end of the property that I lease he went onto the neighbors so after calling for permissions we tracked blood He ran 460 yrds to big CRP field .where me and a friend tracked the last drop. so we stopped looking for that night. The next morning I took off work and went back to the last drop of blood we found the night before and could not tell which way he went . Called a guy early that morning that has some real good bloodhounds but was 3 hours away and said we would setup a meet point.So as I waited for his call back to do so I thought I would walk around the CRP and look a little just to see if I could see him out in there laying. I came across a metal stand about 8 ft tall as I sat in there looking the tracker called and while I was explaining the situation to him on the phone he said he would be loading up and leaving in 10 minutes I just happen to look up and at 80yrds the buck was staring at me out of the CRP . I could notice his right shoulder had a huge blood spot. I told the guy on the phone no use to come I am looking at the deer now and he is still alive but wasnt moving very good. So I called the local agent back after being in contact with him and he said to go ahead and try to harvest him if I can get a shot but he was to far away for the bow I told him, so he said I can try with the gun since he was wounded so I went home about 5 minutes away and got the muzzleloader and came back i was pretty sure the buck went and layed down about 100yrds from where I seen him out of that stand . So after getting ahold of my brother I had him try to help to get the buck to stand up so I could get a shot. But we had no luck. So I wasn't sure if he layed down to to die or not so after returning home I called the agent back and he granted permission to try what I could to get the deer so I went back till dark and never seen him agian. So I checked 2 cameras that I had left out in the area where I got the pictures of him on December 15th that was another 400 yrds away in the same direction he was headed but back on the property we lease. Took the sd cards home but was just exhausted with emotion from all that happened that day I didn't view them for about a hour. After checking the cards I couldn't believe my eyes he walked right in front of my Cuddeback and showed that he was still alive and walking. I Had to work the next 2 days and called the guy back to bring the hounds on Saturday. So 6 people and 2 dogs we walked around 8 miles that day zigzagging all over all the Crp and creekbottoms and thickets in the direction he was headed and nothing and then me and a friend walked another 2 mile search today "sunday" and nothing. But thanks to cuddeback I have a nice clear picture of him and hope i will see him again.

Henry Spradlin

Quincy, IL

Don’t know the outcome of this photo but once I reviewed the picture I returned to the camera and found no blood or sign of attack.



This huge VA buck had disappeared for a couple of months. The day after this photo is was harvested by my cousin and is a huge 15 pointer. He had been nocternal for years but appeared during the day during our late muzzleloader season.

David DeVane

Charleston, SC

I have 8 Cuddeback cameras out on my property during deer season and happened to catch these SC gobblers on one of them. The biggest one is "spreading his wings".

Kenneth Yarber

Eminence, MO

Another jumper!! Can not beat the Buddeback Blue series cameras for action photo's.