"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

Your Photos and Videos

Scott Berbrich

New Ulm, MN

I have a camera set up on the edge of a food plot and this doe showed up walking tall :-)

Scott Finstad

Osceola, WI

WOW.....Nice Buck

Larry Norton

Butler, IN

This photo was taken about two weeks after putting up my Cuddeback camera. I saw only does at first but into the second week of bow season the bucks started moving and my collection of Buck photos started piling up. From the looks of this big boy I would guess he just came from a fight and I can not help but wonder what the other Buck looked like.

Jack Frost

Montello, WI

I found a new scrape with an overhead licking branch. I got 48 picutes in 5 days. Only 6 of the photos had does in them. This is as much fun as hunting.

Rick Feltham

Batavia, NY

Nice pictures of several bucks I've been watching all summer and fall.

Ryan LeBlanc

Johnson City, TX

Well I bought a cuddeback system a few months back and I put the camera out and funny as it sounds my first picture was a ratcoon and then it got much better. I got this very impressive 14 point whitetail on my property down in Texas. What a great system. check out www.bensonfarmandranch.com Thanks, for making such a great product. Ryan LeBlanc TX

Marc Linsmair

Derby, NY

I have many pictures of this(I call him crabclaw) 8 pt. in my food plot. Feeding, eating apples,sparring. But the one pic of him humping himself is a classic. You don't see that much if at all..I just purchased my cuddeback about a month ago and it is a awesome camera. I get an average of 50 pics a week and get to see them all compared to my film camera I only get 24 and then the film runs out. Thanks for a great product. Sincerely Marc Linsmair

Jeremiah Seppala


I was shocked to see this buck, It is by far the biggest buck I've seen in SC. Most of our bucks are very small.

Craig Gerard

Haslett, MI

I have my camera set up in my back yard (which is not my hunting spot) located in the middle of a subdivision. I see deer on a regular basis, but this is the first appearance for this guy.

Dean Campanaro

Stafford Springs, CT

I am amazed at the picture quality! Even in less than favorable conditions.