"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

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Bobby Canup

Fulton, MS

i put this camera in the Mississippi Bottomland with the hopes of catching a pic of my deer... Little did i think i would have such a great caption of a crane like this and from such a low, close angle... Amazing the comments I've had on this picture.

Doug Wonders

Motley , MN

And the “Smallest Antlered Buck Award “ goes to this bruiser buck.

Kevin Christenson

Amery, WI

Photo taken in my back yard near Amery WI. Model 1347

David Lewis

Chicora, PA

These two bucks tolerated each other all summer, then as fall arrived, they started to get territorial. I saw both through archery season at least a dozen times, but never had a clear shot. The larger one on the right had broken both antlers by mid rifle season, and the lesser one was still intact in late December after season.

Rick Edwards

Greenville , PA

This was a few years ago, opening morning of buck season. As i was in house getting ready to go hunting with a friend about 30 miles away, this was standing in my back yard. Did not know till a couple days later when i checked my camera. Ugh!!!

Roger Worrey

Glen, NH

I have been feeding 23-30 turkeys this winter. Up here near the base of Mount Washington(highest MT. east of the Mississippi), few turkeys are avail.able to view unlike the rest of the state. Along with feeding the turkeys, the deer come in as well to feed on the corn, the turkeys leave behind.

Jim Kolar

Wheelersburg, OH

I bought my first two G series cameras as a means of security for a remote hunting camp. I love the way the cameras link together. If something happens to the camera at the campsite the pics will be on the home unit. I have since added a J series camera and CuddeCell home. I get a daily report on all units in my network, which lets me know when to change batteries. These are a few of my favorite pics. I hope you enjoy them.

Steve Fenno

Hartland, WI

This guy visits our backyard regularly. We live in a residential neighborhood adjacent to a wooded preserve.

James Martucio

Dansville, NY

old pie eye, showing a little age

Robert Letts

Chillicothe , OH

Mirror image does Jumping doe