"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

Your Photos and Videos

Jeff W Drake

Freeport, IL

One picture is a buck on a snowy Christmas Day 2004. The other is a big bodied deer in early velvet. I have been watching the big deer for four years now. The first two years I didn't have a camera so it was a glimpse here and there but nothing really substantual. Now I have the camera and some great shots from velvet thru rut and back again.

Chad M. Kaylor

Brookport, IL

Gobbler in an oat patch

Jordan Flagstad

East Bethel, MN, MN

Shots of a photogenic buck, in the one photo he seems to be sticking his tongue out at the camera.....

Ryan Briggs

Ashland, OH

This camara is great after only 2 days out i had 32 pictures and 4 video clips on some nice bucks and does

Larry Couch

Kissimmee, FL

All images is from public land. These are turkey, Bobcat and coyoye and raccoon.

Craig Schilling

Neenah, WI

Dan Catlin

Mt. Pleasant, MI

My three year old daughter calls this the "Goof Ball" buck. We see him often when riding the four wheeler through the hunting property.

chuck meyers

Menasha, WI

Late season bow hunting 2004. A week after I bought my first Cuddeback! I'm going to buy another!!!! Thanks Chuck Meyers

judy Luce

Tolland, CT

great feeding site , getting about 60 images a nite

Judy Luce

Tolland, CT

great feeding site, get about 60 images each nite.