"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

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Rodney Collier

Vale, NC

robert olson

gays mills, WI

just 2 bucks


Dekalb, TX

I got this doe and her fawns coming to my food plot. the gobbler that got away cat running through my pines

Chip Ledbetter

Quitman, MS

This is a picture of a 3-1/2 high rack 7 point. I got 30+ pictures of this deer and got the chance to see him during bow season and let him go!! He would have been a good deer next year but a member of our club took this deer and I am glad he did. He past away this year and as far as I know this was his last deer to harvest. I love my camera's. I own 2 and will purchase another this year!

tim sears

plymouth, MA

tim sears

plymouth, MA

Steve Kinard

Gardendale, AL

This was taken in a small patch of woods in the middle of a large subdivision. This buck has never been seen by myself or any of the land owners.


Chester, VA

Great buck... amazingly clear photo. I had no idea what was making that rub line! I submitted this photo previously and was suprised that it didn't make it on your website. In the event it was indeed received and not chosen, I'm sorry for the redundancy.

Larry Couch

Kissimmee, FL

These are bucks on a Wildlife Management area we were told Deer were hard to find. In a two week time we capture over 15 different deer. Both Does and bucks. A total of 143 pictures were taken.

mike boer

lyons, SD

the first pic is of a small 4x4 with a broken side looking at a ringneck pheasant, the second is my favorite and it is of a coyote peeing in my deer lick, i laughed out loud when i saw it, and the third is of a ringneck pheasant flapping its wings, i think its dusting itself, but a neat pic anyway