"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

Your Photos and Videos

Nathan Borgmeyer

Apex, NC

Local Buck growing in velvet - I sent an earlier pic where he was smaller.

Rodney Collier

Vale, NC

Judy Luce

Tolland, CT

This buck gets hornier every day.

Craig Stokke

GRANDE PRAIRIE, AB Canada T8V-2Z8 RR1 Box 50,

Taylor Clarkson

Summerville, SC

Put up new deer stand and wanted to see the activity. Within 2 weeks I had 274 pictures of which 269 contained deer. This is my favorite shot. If you should have any problem viewing this photo, please provide an alternate email address.

John Matejov

Story, WY

This black bear, which is no longer among the living... is actually looking through the crib at a blonde bear. The blonde bear was NOT harvested this year as your camera showed us in other pictures that it's hide had been rubbed too much! It would have been a waste to have taken it out of the wild. Thanks for the Cuddeback Digital!

John Matejov

Story, WY

The "spots" on this photo is from the bear actually licking the camera... And of course, as you might know.. MANY pictures are of the bears face, as they oftentimes "investigate" the human scent on EVERYTHING! Your metal bear protection box is WELL worth the money... it DOES protect the camera! Best product I have purchased in a long time... thanks!

Adam Miller

Sheffield, PA

Is there a new contest for 2005? My pictures are from a rock I leave left-overs on behind my house. Here are porcupine, fisher, and fox pictures. I also have pictures of a bear, deer, raccoons, coyotes, flying squirrels, and weasels.

Chuck Teasley

Prospect, KY

Hung the Cuddeback on a tree near a feeder I use and this little guy seemed to enjoy the smell or was an incredible ham!

Brian Rueckl

Luxemburg, WI

I set the camera over a food plot and got the first pictures of these fawns. They cant be more than a couple of days old. They can barely stand.