"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

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Ken Wynne-Dyke

Somerset West, South Africa, Ot

On a few occasions I have had a leopard walk past my camera but this is the first time one has stopped to check out this strange device. This is a Cape leopard which occurs in the southern part of South Africa. It is only about two thirds of the size of the leopards in the northern part of South Africa. It is fairly nocturnal and will attack and eat any other mammal which it can catch. Ken Wynne-Dyke Somerset West South Africa

Dick Blankespoor

Inwood, IA

Captured this deer as he was running away as he spotted an individual that was not supposed to be in the area.

Leland Mitchell

Plano, TX

1. Big deer in my driveway. 25 yds. from ranch house. 2. At feeder, 75 yds. from ranch house front porch . Same deer as first picture? I don't think so.

Karen LeMay

Hereford, AZ

Living in the foothills of one of the Arizona Sky Island Mountains, we never know what animal will show up on our camera. Recently this ringtail, Arizona’s official state mammal, has been raiding the bird feeders at night. We've captured images of deer, bear, bobcat, coyote, grey fox, javelina, skunks, rabbits and bats -- but this ringtail is pretty special.

Jackson Oliver

Hot Springs, AR

I never actually laid eyes on this buck. He was coming to a corn feeder 3 times a night late in the season and sucking corn right from the spinner. I was going through a 50lb bag every 2 or 3 days. We have a late season gun hunt in AR. during Christmas and I knew if I were to get a chance at him I would have to do something different. I put some longer leg sections on my corn feeder putting it out of his reach, set up a mineral site about 1/4 mile away with my Cuddeback camera taking pictures, and sat a ladder stand 80 yards away for the Dec. 26-31 late season gun hunt. I began to get pictures of him the first night after I set up the mineral site but never saw him during daylight hours. He continued to frequent the corn feeder and mineral site after the end of gun season and I finally got 2 pictures of him during the daytime on Jan.12 and within 2 days he shed his antlers. I began the hunt for his sheds and found one not far from the mineral site on Jan.15, the other was found on a neighbor's property 1/2 mile away on Jan.25 and she kindly allowed me to keep the one she found. Notice both pictures are at the mineral site. I look forward to the hunt for this 12 point buck next season.

Timothy Scheib

Fenton, MI

Turkey: Been seeing a lot of turkeys but then this smoke (white) turkey came in. Deer: Good picture of a six point eating apples in the orchard Deer: Mom and Babies in orchard

Monty Ledbetter

Malvern, AR

We have a 2500 Acre hunting lease and have been managing our deer for 15 years now. My brother-in-law and I have always used Cuddeback, we have 6 of them that we move around on our lease. We have pictures of almost every buck on our lease. It's nice to show the other hunters the deer we have and ask them not to shot certain ones. Our goal is to have 4 & 5 year old bucks and the best way to do this is have the picture and the age of the deer hanging in the bunkhouse. We have a shooter wall and a non-shooter wall. The deer closes to the camera is a 4 year old and the one with the drop tine is a 3 year old. Both these deer are on the walls now, after this 2018 season.

Milly Reed

Morrison, CO

This cat was walking along the back of our house, elevation 6100 feet, 7 miles from a major mall, and 3 miles from a major beltway in southwest Denver. He enjoys looking over the cliff in the "backyard".

Jerry D Guest

Barrington, IL

At least it’s not eating a Deer! Second picture, eating a Deer!

Tracy Weeks

Marshall, NC

A buck I have called the ghost buck for the past 3 years now. He only shows during the rut and I have never seen him in the daylight. He's a nice big 8 point and he is very smart. He has a lot of offspring running around and I can tell he is a very dominant buck. I hope to see him this coming deer season.