"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

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Danny Tallent

Greenwood, SC

I set my new Cuddebacks in an area frequented by wild game. Little did I know that these big Coyotes were frequenting the same areas.

John Stahl

Williamstown, NJ

His name is High Brow and he is on a farm which we lease in southern Indiana. Although we have had him on camera for the last two seasons, this was the first season in which he was on our hit list. We saw several times this season while bow hunting but he always seems to be one step ahead of us. Our neighbor has pictures of him after the season ended so we are looking for the opportunity to hunt him next season. The reason for this entree is not his size or his story, but it’s the quality of the picture that I felt was worth sharing. We run approximately 12 cameras all season and have viewed tens of thousands of pictures over the years and this picture is the worthy of being classified as pure art. I can only hope that you enjoy it as much as we have.

Todd Goehner

Atchison, KS

I put this camera up along an old logging road. I have gotten a few pictures every now and then of the turkeys but it surprised me to see a group of them puffed up at the same time, white heads and all, in January, and facing the camera. Definitely going to be a good spring.

David Ray

Bloomington , IN

After season ends I run feeders and I thought this pic was interesting. Looks like I have a headless doe roaming the woods!

Matthew Lang

South Milwaukee , WI

Coyotes on a roadkill deer.

Derrick Braxton

Birmingham, AL

Just a small buck that always stops by my camera. Even though there’s no flash or sound when it takes a pic he manages to look right at it. My wife says he’s smiling for the camera

Richard Dening

Lowville, NY

First day of Muzzle Loader season Northern Zone New York State, new this year, stand and camera placement. Did not realize the stand and I would be in the shot, thought the pic turned out unique. I let him walk! Love the E3 cameras!

Roger Czerwony

Junction City, WI

It is always interesting to see what is in the woods when we are not. I was really surprised to see this photo. I have never had one like this before and have had cameras out for quite a few years. Unfortunately, I never did see this buck during season. The white specks in the picture are snow flakes and it is taken on a food plot. The second photo is of the deer leaving the area.Thank you for a great product.

Mark Luoma

Park Falls, WI

A sow with four cubs wandered by my Cuddeback camera one evening last June. It appears that the young ones were intrigued by the smell of the old, moldy bale of alfalfa. They were jumping into it and seemed to be mesmerized by its tantalizing smell. This is the first time that I have ever had pictures of a mom with four cubs.

Doug Wonders

Motley , MN

Who doesn’t like the face of a curious otter? It’s fun to use my camera for other critters besides deer in the off season.