"BEST camera I ever had. Most accurate target and clear picture..." Scott Abernathy, WA

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Robert White

Overland Park, KS

I have a small farm out in south east kansas. Just loaded with turkey and Deer. Awhile back I was scouting out my borders when I noticed a lot of deer hair on the barbed wire fence back in this thick patch of timber. Decided it would be a great place to hang a camera. It's really too thick to hunt and I've never cleared trees or brush around this area. The deer pretty much come and go undisturbed. Needless to say it was a big transition spot for whitetails. But mostly I believe it's a great testament on how fast the trigger speed is on your cameras. I'm sure that some of the other brands I have would not have captured this photo at this precise time. Who knew I had flying deer on my farm.

Jean-Daniel Baumgartner

Péry, Ot

(Lynx lynx) First time with that trailcam and one Lynx boréal (bobcat) come. North of Swyzerland

Dan Magolski

Neenah , WI

Found dead deer carcus in field so we put the camera over it to see what was cleaning it up. Nothing goes to waist in nature.

Jonathan mansell

Brandon, MS

Preseason bucks in the great state of MS.

Robert Zipprich

Portland, OR

Set the cam on a small tree about 5 feet high, and pointed across a small draw. I had sprayed the cam with scent killer but something about it attracted a herd of elk. A cow or cows began looking in the lens and rubbing against it until (they) pushed 180 degrees around the tree. Good thing too, or I would have missed seeing this big guy!

Daniel Wallen

Barry, TX

Put my Cuddeback on this deer feeder here in Texas and it caught this pic of Mama feral pig, babies in the background and little one sucking Mama as she walks by! SoooEeee! Pig!

mike martin


deer about 3.30 am behind my house

John Crase


I did nothing...

Fredrick Anderson

Powell, TN

This photo shows a nice 8-point buck seconds before I harvested him on my middle Tennessee farm and just a week after he first showed up on the same camera. Thanks Cuddeback!

Scott Southworth

Holyoke, MN

This guy usually shows up late July early August to feast on the blueberries. I guess he discovered the Record Rack deer block too that I set on the stump.