CuddeLink Gen 2 Test Release

What is Gen 2?

CuddeLink Gen 2 is a firmware update for all CuddeLink cameras. It provides more features, faster performance, and online control of CuddeLink cameras. Click here for full details.

What is Test Release?

This version of firmware has been in development and has been tested by Cuddeback staff and friends but has not yet been fully qualified for full scale release. While we believe this firmware version is bug free and will properly function on CuddeLink cameras, we have not 100% confirmed all features function correctly. If you download and install this firmware be aware that this is pre-release (commonly known as Beta release).

How do I update my CuddeLink cameras?

It is important to properly update your cameras:
  1. Download firmware to your PC and copy to a blank SD card.
  2. Load the firmware into ALL your CuddeLink cameras.
  3. We recommend doing a RESET on all cameras and reprogramming the settings. On the camera user interface press MODE to TEST, press MORE until RESET is displayed, then press UP twice. You will have to reprogram all settings including CuddeLink modes, Cell Modes, and camera settings. IMPORTANT—you must do this step to avoid any problems.
  4. Setup and deploy the HOME CELL camera as you normally would. You can now select a CuddeLink channel from 1 to 240.
  5. Setup and deploy the REMOTE cameras as you normally would. Make sure to select the same CuddeLink channel on the Home and all Remotes.
  6. After updating and deploying all your CuddeLink cameras wait until you receive the first email from your Home camera. Then visit the Cuddeback Camp website and view your cell camera. Click here for details on the new Camp features.