Registration Step 6 of 6 - Register Your Cuddeback

Register your Cuddeback Silver and Blue Series camera
and receive our exclusive 5.2.1 warranty.

5 Low cost replacement if the camera fails outside the warranty period
2 Free 2-year extended warranty when registered online within 14 days of purchase
1 1 year standard warranty

Register your Cuddeback within 14 days of installing batteries for a FREE extended warranty.

To validate your extended warranty you must complete this online registration within 14 days of first installing batteries into your Cuddeback camera.

Extended warranty is an additional 12 months for Cuddeback Silver and Blue Series cameras, for 24 months total warranty. Refer to the camera’s owner’s manual for additional details and eligibility.

The extended warranty will be valid for 24 months after the camera’s Activation Date. The Activation Date is automatically saved in the camera the first time you install batteries. If registration is greater than 14 days after this Activation Date, the extended warranty is not granted.

After submitting this form, you will get an email confirming your registration and will see a message on this page with a link to a printable a copy for your records. This will be your official receipt of registration.

Thank you for registering your new camera!

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To validate the 5.2.1 warranty you will need your camera’s serial number and model. You can find these numbers on the product or the packaging.

How to find the model and serial number on the product

Model – The model number is molded on the back of the camera.

Serial Number - The serial number is on a small sticker placed inside the camera’s battery compartment.

In this example the model is C & the serial number is CE5000990.

How to find the model and serial number on the packaging

Model – Use the last 5 digits of the UPC number or the model number printed above the UPC (you can use either number if they are different).

Serial Number - The serial number is on a sticker next to the UPC and begins with S/N.

In this example the model can be entered as E3 or 01231 & the serial number is E3C50008025.